Brampton TV Repair The company specializing in the repair of Televisions In Home, LCD Projection, LED Panels, DLP Projection, and Plasma Televisions We provide our clients the most reasonable, affordable and high quality repair services television and other electronic repairs. For over 26 years, our number one priority has been to provide our valuable customers with nothing but the best service. We do not leave a customer without guaranteeing 100% satisfaction as we go to any extent to make sure of it. We take pride in ensuring that the greater Toronto area is served with the qualified services and repairs. We specialize in set up, TV, Rear projection TV, HD-TV, LED TV, plasma TV, LCD and LCD projection television, DLP, Samsung TV Repair, LG TV Repair, Panasonic Plasma Repair, SHARP LED TV Repair, Toshiba TV Repair, Brampton’s best TV Repair Shop, home entertainment electronic appliances, TV Repair Brampton.


TV Repair

We offer over 30 years of experience in electronics retail and repair. We take great pride in offering a friendly and local service in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. For all of your television needs, we offer LCD, Plasma, LED and CRT TV repairs for all brands of television.


Smart TV Repair

Smart TVs take watching TV to a whole other level with Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you access the Internet on a built-in browser, download apps for everything.


TV Backlight Repair

LEDs are replacing CCFL backlights at a fast rate. Most LED backlights work with a strip of LED and mounted on the edge of the screen and light guide to get backlight the screen. Another LED backlight technique involves an array of LED placed behind the screen.


TV Calibration

Most TV’s are calibrated to catch your attention while on the showroom floor, but we’ll show you how to change your display settings to achieve the optimum levels for use at home.


TV Screen Repair

If your screen is cracked or smashed it can't be repaired, the panel will need to be replaced. From our experience, in most cases the price of a new panel would make the TV beyond economical repair. More info please Call (905)793-3030 have tv model number handy.


GO ON GO Green

Worldwide efforts are needed to reduce the environmental damage caused by redundant, faulty and discarded electronic equipment. The short lifetime of today's electronic equipment leads to mountains of waste.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it worth to repair tv?

Yes, it is still worth to repair tv. You don’t need to buy new one. Sometimes repair cost is very low so you can repair your tv again.

2. How much does it cost to repair my tv?

It depends on the age, features and faults of your tv. Cost can varries from feature and types of default.

3. How I can get free estimate on my tv repair?

Take your TV to the nearest location to get free estimate or call us for more infoormation.

4. How long does it take to repair TV?

Most of the time, tv can be repair in same day or with in 24 to 36 hours but it also depends on the tv issue.

5. Can LED TV screen be repaired?

There is no way to repair your LED tv screen if it is cracked but, we can try to fix it with used screens.

6. What do you do when your TV screen is black?

Unplug your tv cord from the digital box, then, wait for 30 seconds. Insert your tv cord into the plug again and wait for the box has fully powered on.

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