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TV Repair Service – provide the client the most reasonable, affordable and high quality repair services for Pioneer TV and other electronics appliances. It is TV Repair’s Toronto pride that in Greater Toronto Area clients are satisfied with that quality of service and repairs that this electronics and TV repair center have. It specializes in set up,  Rear projection TV, HDTV, plasma TV, LCD and LCD projection television, DLP and other home entertainment electronics appliances. TV with Blinking LED Light, Toronto TV repairs are considered to be the expert and a one-stop center for all TV troubles and other electronics appliances. All you have to do is to bring the electronics appliances in the service center and expert technician will surely restore it and making it like a new. The professional and expert technician will surely give its best know how in repairing and restoring all the problems in television and electronic products. Basic Troubleshooting Tips to Repair your TV

NOTE – This is a repair service for your pioneer plasma main board with 8 or 12 blue blinks, set would sometimes work when cold – Intermittently – and when hot if you turn tv off and then on,it sometimes says Please Wait, and freezes then blinks 8 or 12 blue blinks. If your tv is in trap mode because you forget to close trap switch after removing the back cover, Please let us know. We can help!  

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  We offer super fast turnaround time
Common Models – PDP-4280HD,PDP-6010FD, PDP-5080HD, PDP-5010FD and more.

Board # AWV2457, AWV2455, ANP2180-A, ANP2180-B, AWV2456, AWV2458

Service Menu Codes – PDP-4214

* Press the {INPUT} button on the remote.
* The input list will come up.
* Then press the {0} {9} {1} {7} buttons on the remote.
* To exit, press the {EXIT} button on the remote.

You can also press the back button when you are
in each category to get back to the main menu.

4th / 5th / 6th / 7th GENERATION MODELS
* Make sure the Plasma and the Media Box are in standby.
* Using the remote control:
* Press {DISPLAY} button (just press, do not hold) and wait 3 seconds.
* Press {LEFT} {UP} {LEFT} {RIGHT} {POWER} buttons.
* The Plasma will turn on with the “Information” page displayed.
* Press {MUTE} to move through the levels of menus:
* Press the {DOWN} button to move through individual menus.
* To exit, power it down.
* Power Down at the panel.
* Hold down {INPUT} & {VOL+} buttons on the panel.
* Turn on the Plasma at the panel.
* The service menu will come up.
* Scroll down using the arrow keys.
* To exit, power it down.
If you are not familiar with Pioneer TV, do not attempt to repair! Whether you suffer fatal electrical shock! Instead, contact our service center!


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