TV Services.

TV Repair Company has been serving its customer for over 20 years and provide high quality tv repair and related services. TV Repair company is otherwise known as 100% Customer Satisfaction Company. Our Company consist of certified engineers who have thorough knowledge for TV repairs. if you are experiencing problems with your electronic appliances or your Plasma, LCD/LED/CRT TV’s, projectors and home theater systems need servicing. You have certainly come to the right people here at TV Repair company. You need not search the Yellow Pages, the local papers or even the classifieds for an excellent repair service provider for your electronic appliances . You may simply contact us through our company email or drop us a line at by Text message 416-662-5414

Get a Free Quote provision over the phone Team of Professionals:Our field engineers span the Brampton on a daily basis even 7 days a week so we can get to you as soon as possible to get you back on your couch enjoying your TV Experience.

Standards of Working – we set high standards for ourselves. this includes the speed with which we repair TV Sets, the quality of the our work and our definite friendliness. We frequently contact our customers to seek feedback to further improve our service offering. Value Added Services: We help our Valuable Customers save money.

We provide a Warranty of 90 days on our service. We are just a call away from you. therefore, take complete advantage and stay entertained with your TV set around you 24×7.

Our Services

Our experienced engineers have great competence in inspecting, installing and repairing the following products:

LCD Televisions

Plasma Televisions

LED Televisions

CRT Televisions

Rear Projection Televisions

Home Projectors

Smart TV Repair

OLED TV Repair

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General Querries!

Yes, it is still worth to repair tv. You don’t need to buy new one. Sometimes repair cost is very low so you can repair your tv again.

It depends on the age, features and faults of your tv. Cost can varries from feature and types of default.

Take your TV to the nearest location to get free estimate or call us for more information.

Most of the time, tv can be repair in same day or with in 24 to 36 hours but it also depends on the tv issue.

There is no way to repair your LED tv screen if it is cracked but, we can try to fix it with used screens.

Unplug your tv cord from the digital box, then, wait for 30 seconds. Insert your tv cord into the plug again and wait for the box has fully powered on.